2018 CISC Bootcamps and Challenge

2018 CISC Bootcamps and Challenge

griselleInner Diva Bootcamp with Griselle Ponce

$55 | Saturday 2/10, 5pm-7pm


ogar-newKizomba Bootcamp with Charles Ogar & Elisabeth

( CISC or Kizomba pass required to register for Bootcamp)
Charles will show you step by step how to dance Kizomba. From body movement, to lead and follow technique, men & ladies styling, cool patterns, and a few dip and tricks. He will guide you every step of the way. This boot camp is open to all levels from novice to advance.

$35 | Friday 2/9, 6pm-8pm


kevinYes, We Can Dance Challenge with Kevin of Sondeluz and David of MG Dance

Specifically limited to teens and youth (high school or younger), held on Saturday and Sunday


Saturday 2/1012-3pm

(Day 1 Training Session)

Sunday 2/1112-2:30pm

(Day 2 Training Session)

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*All Bootcamp costs are in addition to CISC passes of any kind- available on the Registration page.